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Angler's Entomology Podcast

Welcome to the Angler's Entomology Podcast.  On this podcast and blog, I am documenting my re-entry into the world of entomology.   Join us as my wife and I explore the environment in which trout live and the insects and other creatures that live in and share that space.  This is not just a dry recitation of facts, I hope to bring these creatures alive - show you how they live, what makes them fascinating in their own right, and help you understand how they interact with trout in ways that will help your fishing.  So, please join us.  I hope you enjoy the program...


Selene's Blog and Page for Classic Streamers; and you can finder her interview on the podcast the Liar's Club. 

Angler's Entomology Quizup


Ep 31 - Pics and Links for Scuds

Mar 7, 2019

Sorry folks, been pretty sick this week, so I'm both behind and don't have as many good patterns and pics as I'd like.  But enough woe is me, here is what you are looking for:

First - here's the link to the March Brown Madness event coming up this Saturday in Brunswick Maine - it is a hoot.  

Episode 29: Pics, Patterns and Links for Beetles

Jan 1, 2019

Ok folks, here are some patterns and pics for Episode 29 on Beetles.

First we’ll talk about the whirligig beetles – in part because they are so cool.

Here is a picture showing their split eyes.  You can see the two eyes on the topside – used for seeing above water.  And then if you look at the left side of the...

Episode 28: Whitefly patterns

Dec 4, 2018

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of whitefly nymphs or adults.  Last time we were fishing this hatch we were having so much fun I didn't take any pictures.  Something I'm still kicking myself for ... sort of...

But here are some flies you can tie up if you want to fish these guys - starting with Selene's whitefly...

Episode 27: Pics and Notes for Leadwing Coachman

Nov 8, 2018

Hi Folks - here are the pics and links for the episode about Isonychia bicolor.   We'll start with a picture of the nymph:

Where you can see it's typical minnow like shape.   You can see the hair on the front legs that is distinctive about this group, but here is a close up:


Those front legs are raised up and held...

Pics for Episode 26: Midges

Oct 3, 2018

Let's start with a picture of an adult midge and a larva next to each other.  They are probably different species and may even be different subfamilies - but this will get you oriented:



So let's look at some larvae in more detail.  Here is a nice chironomid larva with lots of hemoglobin in it - a blood worm: