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Angler's Entomology Podcast

Welcome to the Angler's Entomology Podcast.  On this podcast and blog, I am documenting my re-entry into the world of entomology.   Join us as my wife and I explore the environment in which trout live and the insects and other creatures that live in and share that space.  This is not just a dry recitation of facts, I hope to bring these creatures alive - show you how they live, what makes them fascinating in their own right, and help you understand how they interact with trout in ways that will help your fishing.  So, please join us.  I hope you enjoy the program...


Selene's Blog and Page for Classic Streamers; and you can finder her interview on the podcast the Liar's Club. 


I'm setting up a new set of Quizizz pages to help you learn about different insect groups.  I'll be honest - the best way to learn insects is to look at a lot of insects.  So, give these a whirl and don't get discouraged if you do poorly.   Just try again every so often.   The quizzes will be tiered- so they will get more detailed and complicated as we increase in levels.   The first ones are just about learning the different orders.    

This first quiz is about identifying the four major aquatic insect orders

Quiz #2 is a continuation on Mayfly, Stonefly, Dragon and Damselfly, and Caddisfly Orders. 

This Quiz includes other orders of insects that are important to anglers, but is only the adults.  


2017 Western Maine FF Expo - Trip Report

Mar 20, 2017

Holy Frozen Canoli it was cold out.   I mean, sure, this is Maine in the winter, but standing in the only non-frozen stream we could find when it was minus 1 degree Fahrenheit?  What – were we nuts?   Selene certainly has her opinion on that, but I’ll let you answer that for yourself.  We were in this frozen...

My insect collection

Mar 11, 2017

Today I thought I’d write a bit about my insect collection.   This isn’t really a “how to” post, mostly just some musings about my collection. I’m very proud of my collection, because after a long and rather involved history it has come back into my possession.

The collection currently consists of two museum...

Mar 3, 2017

In this episode we'll talk about strategies for identifying the critters you find while you are out.   While focusing on insects, the strategies are the same no matter what you are looking at.   I mention several websites that are useful in the podcast - which are: www,;,  and

Resources for Episode 8: Insect ID

Mar 3, 2017

Hi, welcome to the first Angler’s Entomology Podcast Blog Post.   Today I’d like to add some supplementary material for the podcast about Insect Identification.   Not a lot – just some links to the resources I mentioned in the podcast.  And … it is the nature of a list of links online – within a relatively...