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Angler's Entomology Podcast

Welcome to the Angler's Entomology Podcast.  On this podcast and blog, I am documenting my re-entry into the world of entomology.   Join us as my wife and I explore the environment in which trout live and the insects and other creatures that live in and share that space.  This is not just a dry recitation of facts, I hope to bring these creatures alive - show you how they live, what makes them fascinating in their own right, and help you understand how they interact with trout in ways that will help your fishing.  So, please join us.  I hope you enjoy the program...


Selene's Blog and Page for Classic Streamers; and you can finder her interview on the podcast the Liar's Club. 



Aug 10, 2017

Hi folks, here is the third and last installment on our "how to" series on collecting insects.  This time we'll focus on the actual deed - tools and techniques for finding and getting insects from the field to your home to study.   This is an episode where the blog post will be especially helpful - as it shows pictures...

Episode 13 Notes and Pics - for Collecting Insects

Aug 4, 2017

Hi folks,

Here is a post describing and providing pictures for some of the gear I describe in the collecting insects episode.   As usual, shoot me any questions if you have 

Here’s a pic of my “pocket” collecting gear.   Pretty simple.  A strainer, some vials and forceps.  I...