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Angler's Entomology Podcast

Welcome to the Angler's Entomology Podcast.  On this podcast and blog, I am documenting my re-entry into the world of entomology.   Join us as my wife and I explore the environment in which trout live and the insects and other creatures that live in and share that space.  This is not just a dry recitation of facts, I hope to bring these creatures alive - show you how they live, what makes them fascinating in their own right, and help you understand how they interact with trout in ways that will help your fishing.  So, please join us.  I hope you enjoy the program...


Selene's Blog and Page for Classic Streamers; and you can finder her interview on the podcast the Liar's Club. 

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Notes for Ep. 11: Starting an insect collection

Jun 7, 2017

Hi folks, here are some notes and resources that may be helpful for Episode 11: How to Start an Insect Collection

To start with we talked about using a phone to take pictures of insects – this is a great way to record what you see in the field and we all have a camera with us now a days.   Here is a nice blog / tutorial on using cell phone cameras – with their pros and cons:

There are lots of summaries of how to make an insect collection – some are more complicated than others – here are some nice two pages summaries:

Here is a nice one specifically about preserving insects – which is our subject today.

Here is a nice one from a college course:

A great resource in great detail:

Ok, so in terms of gear – you’ll need some gear to set up an insect collection.   My favorite source is Bioquip.  You can buy all the gear you want or need from this company –they are great.  They do ship internationally.  That said here are some international sources as well: (Paradox Company, in Poland) (Australia) (UK) (UK)


Another wonderful supplier is American Science and Surplus - which not only has great deals but has excellent copy writing.  It is a blast seeing how they try to convince you that you really need this surplus something or other…

I mentioned on the podcast that some of the tools and gear you need can be made.  Here are plans for making your own spreading boards.

Making spreading boards

Here is what my pinning blocks look like.  The wooden one I made … 35 years ago – the plastic one I bought from Bioquip. 

Homemade and commercial pinning block

Here are plans for making pinning blocks

And this link on “how to make an insect collection, includes directions for building a drawer.

One the podcast I mentioned preserving insects in hand sanitizer.  Here is a cool tutorial on how to do that.


In terms of vial storage, there are lots of options, including some DIY ones.  

Here is what I mean by ammo boxes:

Examples of ammo boxes 


And this is what I mean by a reloading block:

Homemade and commercial reloading blocks

But you can also buy or build vial racks.  Here are some links for that:

Lastly I mentioned embedding specimens in resin.  There is a link to the company that makes the product I use – Castin Craft You can get it on amazon and I’m sure there are other products and sources out there.

There you go – I hope you find all that useful and entertaining…