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Angler's Entomology Podcast

Welcome to the Angler's Entomology Podcast.  On this podcast and blog, I am documenting my re-entry into the world of entomology.   Join us as my wife and I explore the environment in which trout live and the insects and other creatures that live in and share that space.  This is not just a dry recitation of facts, I hope to bring these creatures alive - show you how they live, what makes them fascinating in their own right, and help you understand how they interact with trout in ways that will help your fishing.  So, please join us.  I hope you enjoy the program...


Selene's Blog and Page for Classic Streamers; and you can finder her interview on the podcast the Liar's Club. 



Sep 2, 2018

Bloodsucking little *$#^&*.   We'll talk about their medical importance, how they relate to fly fishing, and perhaps, most importantly, about repellents and how to chose them! 

Links: Episode 25: Mosquitoes

Sep 2, 2018

I don't have any pics of mosquitoes - in part because they are so common I never really made taking a picture of one a priority.  However, here is a nice one feeding - note how you can see the sheath surrounding the mouthparts bending back as the mouthparts are inserted into the flesh. 


Other than that, all I have...